Packaging & Blending

Brad Penn Drums


The Bradford facility has two 800-gallon kettles, two 7,000-gallon tanks used for a variety of motor and hydraulic oils, and 16 blend-in-storage tanks capable of blending at speeds up to 900 gallons per minute. Total storage of 92 tanks (3.7 million gallons) is devoted to blending and packaging finished lubricants. The blending plant also has storage capacity for purchased base stocks and additives. The plant has two bulk loading facilities capable of loading twelve trucks per shift. Separate bulk loading facilities are maintained for gear oils and engine oils to eliminate contamination.


The packaging plant has two high-speed (360 bottles per minute) quart filling lines, a specialty bottle filling line capable of handling containers ranging in size from eight ounces to two and one-half gallons, a drum line (1,800 drums per day), a pail filling line (15,000 pails per day), and a 16 gallon/120 pound keg filling line (1,200 kegs per day).


The two high-speed quart lines each have pneumatic scale fillers achieving capability indexes of 1.0 to 1.3 and weight specifications of ±2 grams. Pressure sensitive, no downtime labelers apply front and back labels. A wrap-around-case packer is utilized, finished products are palletized and stretch wrapped on new heavy-duty pallets. Depending on the number of changeovers, each of these lines can produce 5,000 to 10,000 cases per shift.




Packaging Plant - InsideARG’S ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities provide custom batch blending, bulk product loading, multicontainer-filling capabilities, mixed truckloads and mixed pallet loads. Our 80,000 square feet of shipping and distribution warehouse assures adequate storage for your products, and our centrally located facility puts you within a day’s travel of many major markets.



ARG’s personnel have many years experience in serving the branded and private label markets. We understand what it takes to satisfy special labeling, packaging and formulation requirements; and we understand what it takes to service our customers, e.g. mixed truckloads, mixed pallet loads, stretch wrapped pallets, packing lists, and prompt, courteous service.