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Private Label Blended Lubricants

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[Automotive Gear Oils]

[Transmission, Tractor and Final Drive Fluids]

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Private Label Bottles

A Partnership With Us:


American Refining Group, Inc. (ARG) has a long history of quality products and service.  A focus on leading product development and consistent quality has made ARG the choice supplier for Private Label Lubricants.


We understand the intricacies it takes to satisfy the special formulating, labeling and

packaging requirements for our customers.  We strive to ensure our customers’ highest priorities are being served.  Our in-house Research and Development Laboratory, and Marketing and Sales Departments are here to assist you in building a successful product line.                                                                  

Private Label Bottling facility


ARG currently blends a variety of specific and proprietary formulations for both OEMs and individual Private Label customers.  We have a comprehensive product offering, which includes both industrial lubricants and engine oils.  Utilizing your formulations or ours, the quality of our base oils, combined with years of technical experience, ensures a consistent blend time after time.








Flexible Packaging (not limited to)

· 12/1 quarts

· 6/1 quarts

· 3/2 gallons

· 2-2.5 gallons

· 4/1 gallons

· 6/1 gallons

· 12/1 pints

· 24/1 pints

· 8 ounce

· 55 gallon (TH) drums

· 400 pound (FOH) drums

· 16 gallon (TH) drums

· 14 gallon (TH) drums

· 120 pound (FOH) drums

· 5 gallon pails

· 35 pound pails

· 275 gallon bulk tote

· 330 gallon bulk tote


Bulk Blended oils can be shipped by railcar and tank truck. Special containers such as flexitanks, totes and bladders can also be filled at our facilities.


If you are interested in more information about our Private Label capabilities and products,

please contact us.