Kendex® Dust-DefensE®

U.S. PatenT no. us10066139B2  

Increasing worker protection from exposure to respirable crystalline silica


“Use of silica sand as a proppant has grown dramatically with the rise in production of unconventional resources. Large volumes of silica sand are used during the hydraulic fracturing process as a proppant to hold open formation fractures. The sand is typically pneumatically conveyed into frac sanders or similar bins and then conveyed again into a blender where it’s mixed into the fluid to be pumped down hole. During these operations, silica dust can enter the air and poses dangers to those working on site. The inhalation of silica dust can cause respiratory diseases such as lung cancer and silicosis. OSHA is currently considering cutting their PEL in half, which will further strain compliance.   There are now several Engineering Controls in the market, however awareness remains low.”  Engineering Controls Chairperson, Respirable Crystalline Silica Focus Group


  • Treated proppant meets current/proposed OSHA Permissible Exposure Limits (40/70, 30/50 and 100 mesh) for respirable crystalline silica.
  • Will not react or interfere with fracking fluids.
  • Successfully field tested.
  • Dermally Non-Carcinogenic.
  • Eliminates need for vacuum system at frac pad.
  • Can be treated directly at sand processing facility.
  • Inherent moisture repellency.
  • Reduction in visible particulates increases worker productivity and safety.
  • Easy to use.

Contact Information:

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