Kendex® 0834(C.A.S. #: 8052-42-4) [Reach Registered] Product Code: L10-4554

Kendex® 0834 is a high viscosity, high VI, 100% petroleum resin, with the  unique characteristic of being a semi-solid at room temperature. It is tacky, non-drying and opaque in color.  It is manufactured from high quality paraffinic crude oil that is low in sulfur and contains little measurable asphaltenes. These characteristics are very beneficial for a wide variety of quench oil applications where some darkening of the parts is acceptable. 


Kendex® 0834 has been used with asphalt to improve high and low temperature properties and to extend the malleability of the resultant product in both paving and shingle grade asphalts.


Resins have proven to be cost effect in open gear formulations because the product adheres well to surfaces and does not tend to become brittle in colder temperatures like typical asphalt based products. 

Heavy resins are used in a wide variety of products including greases and heavier viscosity grade gear oils. Resins are economical viscosity modifiers. 



Kendex® 0834 may require heat to remove from the container.






Resins, Heavy Resins / 2600 Viscosity Resin, Heavy Viscosity, Black, Tacky, Penn-Grade Resins.  While a viscous liquid at room temperature, Kendex® 0834 may require heat to remove it from the container.

Applications: Used as a Viscosity Builder for Metalworking Fluids and Straight Oils.  Used in Quench Oils to control Quenching Rate.

ASTM Method Description Specification
    Minimum  Maximum Typical
D1298 LB/GAL     7.99
D1298A Gravity, API     16.1
D445 Viscosity @ 40ºC, cSt     48,000
D455 Viscosity @ 100ºC, cSt 450 575 540
D455 Viscosity @ 210ºF, SUS     2600
D2270 Viscosity Index     100
D-92  Flash Point, COC, °F 625   650
D5949 Pour Point, ºC (ºF)     27 (80.6)
D1500 Color, ASTM     Opaque
D524 Ramsbotton Carbon Residue     9.75% wt.
D-6560/IP 143 Asphaltenes Content     <1.0% wt.
Method IP 346 PCA Content     <3.0% m/m PCA Extract