Kendex® 0840(C.A.S. #'s: 64741-45-3 & 64742-01-4, 64742-16-1, 64741-88-4 & 8052-42-4) Product Code: R10-4312

Kendex® 0840 is an engineered product designed to duplicate the properties of traditional steam cylinder stock, but with a lower pour point. This product is characterized as being high in both viscosity and VI. This base oil is derived from sweet, waxy paraffinic crude oil that is low in both sulfur and asphaltenes. This low pour cylinder stock is tacky, non–drying, opaque in color and pourable at room temperatures. These characteristics have proven to be very beneficial for a wide variety of application ranging from the traditional use of lubrication of cylinders on steam driven engines to open gear compounds. The tackiness of the Kendex® 0840 is especially useful where the formulated product needs to adhere to the metal without flaking off during the lubricating process.


Base Oil (Group I), Low Cylinder Stock

ASTM Method Description Specification
    Minimum Maximum Typical
  LB/GAL     7.53
D1298 Gravity, API 23.5 25.0 24.3
D445 Viscosity @ 40°C, cSt     795
D445 Viscosity @ 65°C, cSt     170
D445 Viscosity @ 100°C, cSt 40.00 50.00 45
D2270 Viscosity Index 95.0   99.0
D92 Flash Point, °F (°C) 575 (301)   595 (313)
D5949 Pour Point, °C (°F)   6 (42.8) 3 (37.4)