Kendex® 0897(C.A.S. #: 64742-16-1) Product Code: L10-4555

Kendex® 0897 is a medium viscosity, high VI, 100% petroleum resin with practically no measurable asphaltenes. A unique characteristic of this resin is being pourable at room temperatures.   It is tacky, non- drying and opaque in color.


Kendex® 0897 can be used as a key component in quench oils to control the quench speed.  


Kendex® 0897 has been widely used with paving grade asphalt to improve both the high and low temperature properties as it extends the malleability of the combined product and helps eliminate “alligatoring”. The improved resiliency of the resultant product has been demonstrated in paving grade asphalts.


Heating the product will make it easier to remove from the container.

Kendex® 0897

Product Description:  Light Resins, Lighter Viscosity, Black, Sticky, Penn-Grade Resins
Applications: Viscosity Builder for Metalworking Applications and Modifier for Paving Grade Asphalt

ASTM Method Description Specification
    Minimum Maximum Typical
  LB/GAL     7.62
D1298 Gravity, API     23.6
D2161 Viscosity @ 100ºC, cSt 40.0 75.0 57.8
D92 Flash Point, ºF (ºC) 575 (302)   580 (304)
D97 Pour Point, ºC (ºF)