Refinery Capabilities

Crude Unit

The Crude Unit was built in 1985 and has a capacity of 11,000 barrels per stream day.

This unit uses an atmospheric distillation process that fractionates Pennsylvania Grade crude oil into eight liquid streams and one fuel gas stream.

The distillation process consists of a main fractionating tower, (large tower in picture at right), six side stream strippers, three pump arounds, and an overhead condenser.

The unusually high number of cuts allows us to make more precise fractionations than most other refineries.

Yields from the Crude Unit Are:

  • Fuel Gas

  • Heavy Naphtha

  • Kensol® 48

  • Kensol® 50

  • Kensol® 51/Kensol® 61

  • Kensol® 53/Waxy Light Lube Neutral

  • Waxy Medium Neutral

  • Waxy Heavy Neutral

  • Kendex® 0842 (Cylinder Stock)


Platformer Unit

The Platformer and Unifiner/Fractionator ("Platformer") was constructed in 1951 to process the naphtha that is distilled from the crude oil at the Crude Unit.

The original Platformer had two reciprocating hydrogen recycle compressors. An oxygen stripper was installed in 1953 to improve on stream time. In 1956, a third recycle compressor was installed to improve cycle lengths between catalyst regeneration and a catalytic hydrodesulfurization unit was added to remove the sulfur from the naphtha. This was consistent with a later upgrade of the catalyst technology to a bimetallic (low sulfur tolerance) which improved yields of gasoline and permitted longer cycles on the catalyst.

A Naphtha Fractionator was installed in 1991 to optimize the production of naphtha solvents and minimize the the production of gasoline.

The Platformer is a combination of three distinct processes.

  1. The Unifiner which is a naphtha catalytic hydrodesulfurization unit.

  2. The Naphtha Fractionator that fractionates the naphtha into three H2S free liquid products.

  3. The Platformer which through the use of another specialized cataylst, increases the octane of the naphtha feed to make a high octane gasoline blend stock.









Yields from the Platformer include:

  • Platformate (A high octane gasoline blending stock)

  • Kensol® 30 (A mineral spirits type product that boils in the 300 - 400 °F range)

  • Kensol® 17 (A lighter naphtha solvent sold to the asphalt paving industry)

  • Light Straight Run (a.k.a. "LSR" - A low octane natural gasoline blending component)

  • Fuel Gas (A hydrocarbon gas that is burned in process heaters and boilers)

The LSR is blended with platformate to produce specification unleaded gasoline.


MEK Unit

The Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) Dewaxing Unit was built in 1969. Installation of the MEK Unit allowed closure of the existing Wax Plant which used filter presses to remove wax.

The MEK Unit was designed with sufficient capacity to dewax the heavy products that were being dewaxed at the Dewaxing and Deresining Unit (D&D Unit).

In 1974, a scraped surface heat exchanger (chiller) and a third filter were installed to increase throughput. Throughput was further increased in 1985 through the installation of an upgraded compressor and turbine, the installation of incremental dilution to the chilling train, and redesigned piping to the third filter for repulp operation.

In addition to increased throughputs, these modifications also allowed for the processing of deresined cylinder stock at the MEK Unit and allowed for the decommissioning of the dewaxing section of the old D&D Unit.

A solvent splitter was built in 1987 to increase the efficiency of the Unit.

A fourth filter was added in 1995 further increasing the capacity of the unit.

Products from the MEK include:

  • Light Lube Neutral Slack Wax (LLNSW)

  • Medium Neutral Slack Wax (MNSW)

  • Heavy Neutral Slack Wax (HNSW)

  • Petrolatum (Kendex® 0111)

Extraction Unit

Rose ExtensionThe purpose of the Extraction Unit is to selectively remove aromatics from the feed stock. This process improves the quality of the lube stock by improving its Viscosity Index (VI), color and oxidation stability.

The Extraction Unit was built in the 1930's as a lube base oil solvent extraction unit that used Phenol as a solvent. Bright stock and resins were originally processed in this unit. In 1981, the refinery licensed technology from Exxon to upgrade the unit to a N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP) solvent  extraction process.

Beginning in 1988, resins were no longer processed in the NMP Extraction Unit. Starting at that time, all of the base oils produced at the refinery were processed at the Extraction Unit.


Base Oils and Extracts from the NMP Extraction Unit are:

  • Kendex® 0060 (60 SUS)

  • Kendex® 0150 (150 SUS)

  • Kendex® 0750 (750 SUS)

  • Kendex® 0847

  • Kendex® 0866 (Bright Stock Extract)

  • Kendex® MNE (Medium Neutral Extract)

  • Kendex® HNE (Heavy Neutral Extract)

  • Kendex® LNE (Light Neutral Extract)