Refinery Information

American Refining Group Refinery TowerIn addition to base oils, the refinery's product slate includes gasoline, waxes, diesel fuel, fuel oil, naphtha, distillate solvents as well as a number of specialty products including; various resin blends, shock fluids, camping fuel, asphalt cut back solvents, well treating solvent, extract blends, and quench oils.

The Bradford Refinery is situated on approximately 131 acres in Bradford, Pennsylvania.

Included on the site are 5 processing units, 375 feedstock and product storage tanks, a main office building, a refinery office building, research and control laboratories, various warehouse buildings and various maintenance shop buildings.


American Refinery Group Refinery Tower 2


The Bradford refinery consists of three major processing areas, including a crude distillation tower with multiple draws, a naphtha splitter and platformer, and a lubes processing train. The strategic focus of the Bradford Refinery is the production of lube base oils and co-product specialty distillates while minimizing the production of fuels. Flexibility is stressed at the refinery in order to accommodate individual customer needs.