ARGuard™ multi-vehicle ATF.

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# 7419

Packaging sizes: Bulk 330 gal Tote 55 gal Drum 12x1 Quart


ARGuard™ multi-vehicle ATF offers extended friction control protection that lasts over the life of the fluid-long after the anti-shudder protection found in many competitive brands. Made with full synthetic base stocks, this high viscosity multi-vehicle ATF is inherently more thermally stable when compared with conventional base stocks. ARGuard™ multi-vehicle ATF is designed for use in most modern passenger vehicles and heavy duty applications. It also can be used in applications where its performance features exceed the requirements of older specifications.

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ARGuard™ multi-vehicle ATF is a high viscosity fluid specially formulated to exceed
the performance and protection requirements of newer transmissions. Installers can rely on this single fluid to conveniently and accurately meet a wide array of global OEM requirements in North America as the ones listed on the table above.

Features & benefits

  • Full synthetic formula with outstanding low temperature performance
  • Improved wear performance and reduced oil consumption
  • Provides extended anti-shudder performance for smooth driving
  • Excellent oxidation and thermal stability
  • Exceeds the most demanding JASO 1A performance standard

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