Kendex® OCTG(C.A.S. #'s: 64742-52-5, 471-34-1, 8009-03-8, 128-37-0, 617-12-3, 1330-20-7, 100-41-4, T/s)      Product Code: B09-4421


Kendex®OCTG Orange Corrosion Inhibitor - Storage Compound


A unique, thixotropic, grease-like corrosion inhibitor, Kendex® OCTG was developed and evaluated specifically for long-term rust protection of Oil Country Tubular Goods.  The highly polar, microscopic platelets are parallel to the metal surface. These platelets form overlapping particle layers that function as a moisture barrier.



Apply Kendex® OCTG to both the pin end and inside of the thread protector.  All of the surfaces that are going to be protected by the Kendex® OCTG should be clean (devoid of rust and dirt) and dry. It has been demonstrated that a small amount of Kendex® OCTG inside the thread protector prior to screwing it on will push material forward giving better coverage to the nose of the pipe, covering the 45% chamfer and the flank area as well.  The product is engineered with a low viscosity to allow one gallon of Kendex® OCTG to easily cover approximately 160 sq. feet under optimum conditions or one liter of Kendex® OCTG to cover approximately 3.39 sq. meters.  A coating thickness between 1/32” and 1/16” applied uniformly over the desired surface will provide adequate protection.




RUST PROTECTION – Prevents pipe thread rusting for over 2,000 hours of 5% salt fog cabinet testing when applied at a minimum 10-mil thickness.


SELF-HEALING – Ability to creep at least ½ inch after application protects areas not coated, or where coating was displaced.


MOISTURE DISPLACING - Will displace moisture to insure good bonding and rust protection.


THIXOTROPIC - Readily applied by brush or spray but resists sag, run-off or flow.


LUBRICANT – Minimizes thread damage during assembly and disassembly of threaded ends.


THERMALLY STABLE - Coating resists cracking, disbanding or run-off or flow.


ELECTRICALLY INSULATING – Resistivity of about 1015 ohm-cm reduces opportunity for galvanic corrosion.  Resistivity, conductivity and dielectric constant values are comparable to those properties for the thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics evaluated.


MICROBE RESISTANT – Coating is resistant to attachment by sulfur reducers and other bacteria, which normally accelerates corrosion.

UV RESISTANT – Resists degradation from sunlight


COMPATIBLE – Is compatible with petroleum-based solvents, oils and greases.


ADHESION TO RUST – Will bond to firm rust and reduce the rate of further rusting.


WELDABLE – Coating removal is not required before electric or gas welding, or for oxy-fuel cutting.


COATING REMOVAL – Hydrocarbon solvents or alkaline wash systems may be used for coating removal.


PACKAGING – Available in non –returnable 55 gallon drums – 412 lbs. net weight or in 5 gallon plastic pails 40 lbs. net weight.


APPROVALS – recommended for use by Hydril.  See Report TU86-016A


Properties Typical Inspection Data
Appearance Orange Colored Thixotropic Liquid
% Non-Volatile 100

Viscosity, Brookfield

#6 Spindle, 10 RPM, 77ºF

15,000 - 25,000 CPS

Rust Protection,

5% Salt Fog, ASTM B-117

Over 2,000 Hours
Water Displacement Good
Drip or Run -Off None Below 300ºF
Low Temperature Adhesion

Good to -40ºF

Flash Point, ASTM D 92, ºF


Specific Gravity @ 60ºF 0.91 - 0.99
Density @ 25ºC 7.60-8.20 lbs/gal
Pref. Application Technique Brush at 30ºF to 100ºF
Spray Application 50ºF - 100ºF
(271 Airless Spray Equipment Using 0.018)