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ARGuard™ ashless natural gas engine oil

ARGuard™ automatic transmission fluid

ARGuard™ AW hydraulic fluid

ARGuard™ bearing oil

ARGuard™ concrete form oil

ARGuard™ EP gear oil

ARGuard™ fast quench 70

ARGuard™ full synthetic GL-5 gear oil

ARGuard™ heavy duty diesel engine oil (CK-4)

ARGuard™ heavy duty diesel engine oil CH-4

ARGuard™ heavy duty diesel engine oil CI-4

ARGuard™ heavy duty monograde engine oil

ARGuard™ low ash natural gas engine oil

ARGuard™ medium ash natural gas engine oil

ARGuard™ medium quench 100

ARGuard™ multi-grade engine oil

ARGuard™ multi-purpose GL-5 gear oil

ARGuard™ multi-purpose LS GL-5 gear oil

ARGuard™ no rust journal-bearing oil

ARGuard™ premium AW HIVI hydraulic fluid

ARGuard™ premium AW hydraulic fluid

ARGuard™ premium low ash natural gas engine oil

ARGuard™ premium low temp universal tractor fluid

ARGuard™ premium R&O turbine oil

ARGuard™ premium universal tractor fluid

ARGuard™ R&O oil

ARGuard™ rock drill oil

ARGuard™ roll grind fluid

ARGuard™ RP 150 rustproofing oil

ARGuard™ snowplow oil

ARGuard™ soluble oil with biocide

ARGuard™ synthetic blend heavy duty diesel engine oil (CK-4)

ARGuard™ synthetic blend motor oil

ARGuard™ two stroke engine oil

ARGuard™ waylube

ARGuard™ wireline

ARGuard™ zinc-free deluxe diesel supreme plus

ARGuard™ zinc-free deluxe diesel supreme plus

E10 gasoline

Grade no. 2 diesel S-15 B2

Grade no. 2 diesel S-15 HO

Grade no. 2 diesel S-15 NR

Grade no. 2 diesel S-15

Kendex® 0060HT

Kendex® 0070

Kendex® 0100

Kendex® 0150

Kendex® 0150H

Kendex® 0834

Kendex® 0840

Kendex® 0842

Kendex® 0846

Kendex® 0850

Kendex® 0851

Kendex® 0866

Kendex® 0888

Kendex® 0897

Kendex® 0898

Kendex® 1200

Kendex® 200H

Kendex® 250H

Kendex® 300H

Kendex® 325H

Kendex® 500H

Kendex® 600H

Kendex® 9761

Kendex® CAT

Kendex® EFH

Kendex® HN97

Kendex® MNE

Kendex® OCTG

Kensol® 10

Kensol® 13

Kensol® 17

Kensol® 30

Kensol® 48H

Kensol® 50H

Kensol® 61

Kensol® 61H

Kensol® K-1

Kenwax® 0111 petrolatum

Kenwax® heavy neutral slack wax

Kenwax® light neutral slack wax

Kenwax® medium neutral slack wax


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ARG renames road for owner Harry Halloran Jr.

ARG employees raise funds for local non-profits

ARG opens new quality lab

ARG makes holiday gift to McKean County Community Foundation

The greatest gift

Schoenecker to resign from ARG in early 2019

Giberson succeeds Schoenecker as president, chief operating officer

ARG returns to motorsports scene with DRIVEN Racing Oil

ARG announces next operations director

ARG names Gisela Miller director of sales

ARG continues essential operations

John Zarroli tabbed as Senior Solutions Specialist

ARG R&D engineer Patil becomes U.S. citizen

Sarah Hayden promoted to Vice President – Human Resources

Kendex® base oils now available in drums, totes

Charlotte Layton promoted to Director – Quality & Product Development

Mike Kozminski promoted to Vice President – Research & Development

‘Be the change you want to see in the world’

Former Kendall GM Saunders passed away this week

We’ve struck ARGold™

Cook to succeed Palmer as relationship manager

ARG featured in PA Chamber magazine

ARG Chairman, CEO Harry Halloran Jr. passes

2022 Community Impact

ARG expands hydrotreated base oil product line

Halloran Philanthropies gifts $700,000 to Pitt-Bradford for new building

2023 Community Impact

Krogmeier succeeds Giberson as president, chief operating officer

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