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American Refining Group provides expertise throughout the refining, formulating, blending and packaging process. Our knowledgeable teams are ready to assist you with oil refinery services from concept development through shipment and delivery of refined solutions.

Research and development

Research and development.

The chemists and chemical engineers at American Refining Group have extensive knowledge of oil refinery production. Our research and development team creates custom products and unique solutions for our clients. Each member of the R&D team is highly skilled in lubricant formulation and excels at providing advanced solutions for any problem our customers may experience.

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Customer service

Customer service.

As a customer of American Refining Group, you have access to a dedicated team that learns your business and industry inside and out. We become trusted partners who are only ever a phone call or click away – so you can be confident we’re ready to react to any request or order. Learn about our superior customer service team to discover what’s waiting for you.

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Blending and packaging

Blending and packaging.

The blending and packaging services at American Refining Group are among the best in our industry. Our team uses advanced methods to fulfill custom blending and packaging requests. In addition, our ISO-certified service provides quality-tested and -proven refined solutions for every client. We do it all in our Bradford, Pennsylvania, headquarters, from receiving crude oil products to testing and refining every manner of blends, all the way until the final shipment. Learn more about our dedicated team and see how we can provide the solutions your business needs.

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Logistics support

Logistics support.

Our logistics team is well versed in bulk shipping for virtually all transportation methods. Clients with unique, extensive requirements can rest assured their needs will be met. We handle it all, from temperature-sensitive shipping to bulk tanker truck loading. Our core group of carriers is experienced with specialty shipping as well, especially with bulk rail transportation, flexi-bags, ISO tanks, and more. We look forward to meeting your every need.

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Custom blends

Custom blends.

Our industry-leading custom blends service utilizes cutting-edge methods to fulfill the unique needs of our customers.

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Private label and toll blending

Private label and toll blending.

When you choose American Refining Group, you’re choosing a comprehensive process you can rely on for all your private label and toll blending needs. ARG will act as an extension of your team with a comprehensive process that includes refining, formulating, blending, and packaging. And with our knowledgeable customer support and R&D teams in your corner, the integrity and success of your brand is guaranteed.

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Our refinery services and skilled team members set us apart from the competition. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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