Kendex® resins.

Our unique Kendex resins have a reputation for consistent quality and reliability. These petroleum resins are used for industrial markets and applications such as roofing asphalt, greases, quench oil additive, and viscosity builder for lubricants. Exclusively available from American Refining Group, these industrial resins are refined at our headquarters in Bradford, Pennsylvania.

Kendex resins pass the IP 346 method and are considered non-carcinogenic even though they carry the same CAS number for asphalt products due to how they are processed.

Kendex® 0897

Light intermediate resin

# 4555

A light intermediate resin, this is primarily utilized as a viscosity builder in gear and wire rope lubricants, as well as... Learn more

# 4618

An intermediate resin that is usually reserved for the metalworking industry as a viscosity builder. This resin is also black and... Learn more

# 4554

This resin is known by a number of names, including 2600 SUS resin, Penn resin, and heavy resin. With excellent film-forming... Learn more

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