American Refining Group is not like other refineries.

Not only are we employee- and family-owned, but nearly 25 percent of our ownership rests with a charitable organization – Halloran Philanthropies. HP uses these resources in a proven, multi-pronged approach to support local efforts and visionary community leaders working together to build a stronger future in the Bradford area.

ARG and its philanthropic shareholders contribute millions of dollars in grants and impact investments each year. Combining entrepreneurial education, community engagement, investment opportunity, local institutional support and access to broader networks, HP is building a thriving ecosystem for Bradford’s entrepreneurs.

Its community-centered approach serves Bradford with trust-based grantmaking that honors organizational commitment and deep knowledge of operational needs.

Partnering with ARG means your dollars directly impact the well-being and quality of life for Americans living and working in the Northeastern United States – particularly Western Pennsylvania, Western New York and Eastern Ohio.

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