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With its unique characteristics, Kendex® 0834 improves performance and longevity in industrial applications.

Kendex 0834 is a paraffinic resin that is an alternative to PIB and other polymers, offering high viscosity and shear stability for enhanced protection. Known worldwide by several names — including 2600 SUS Resin, Penn Resin, and Heavy Resin — Kendex 0834 is exclusively available from American Refining Group.

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Versatile and reliable, Kendex 0834 is used in a wide range of industrial applications.

Quench oils

Quench oils

As an additive, Kendex 0834 significantly improves quenching oil formulations, allowing precise control over the quenching rate — from vapor to boiling to convection stages. Providing shear stability, Kendex 0834 maintains consistent viscosity under extreme conditions.

Lubricants for open gears and wire lines

Lubricants for open gears and wire lines

Kendex 0834 optimizes the shear stability and tackiness of open-gear and wire-line lubricants, making it ideal for heavy-duty machinery, as well as cranes and cable systems.



Kendex 0834 is a cost-effective solution to enhance tack and load-carrying capabilities in heavy-duty greases, including for construction, mining, and off-highway applications. The Heavy Resin is specifically effective in formulations for dark-colored greases, enhancing viscosity and performance.

Roofing asphalt

Roofing asphalt

Kendex 0834 improves the ductility, durability, weatherability, and performance (both low- and high-temperature) of roofing asphalt, making it an ideal choice for shingles and other roofing materials.


Viscosity builder

Robust film strength

Shear stability


Negligible asphaltenes

(Passes the IP 346)

Newtonian fluid
(Resiliency under load)

Made in the USA. Validated globally.

American Refining Group is based in Bradford, Pennsylvania, USA. The refinery has operated for nearly 150 years. Kendex 0834 is one of our many long-standing products undergoing decades of testing and refinement.

Our Heavy Resin is derived from specially selected Penn Grade crude oil, known for its exceptional quality. Kendex 0834 is available worldwide in 52-gallon drums, and bulk via ISO containers, truck or railcar.

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