Kendex® extracts.

A specialty product of the petroleum refining process, distillate aromatic extracts (DAE) are highly valued and utilized in a range of functions. Distillate aromatic extracts are comprised of unique compounds, predominantly aromatic hydrocarbons, that exhibit excellent compatibility with synthetic rubber compounds.

Kendex® 0866

Bright stock extract

# 4586

This high viscosity aromatic extract oil is used for industrial asphalt and rubber processing applications; and is sometimes referred to as... Learn more

Kendex® MNE

Medium neutral extract

# 4577

This aromatic extract oil is utilized both in rubber compounding and as a rejuvenation compound for asphalt. Learn more

Kendex® CAT

Aromatic extracts blend

# 4576

Also used in industrial asphalt as a softening agent and rubber processes, the Kendex CAT customized specialty blend of aromatic extract... Learn more

Kendex® HNE

Heavy neutral extract

# 4579

This high viscosity aromatic extract oil is used for asphalt and rubber processing applications. It is often referred to as a... Learn more

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