American Refining Group knows that to operate properly, thousands of vehicles depend on our fuels – curated by our skilled chemists and engineers to offer higher fuel efficiency than many competing products. Learn more about our range of available selections and contact our friendly team.

# 5020

E10 gasoline (87 octane) is a regular gasoline formulated at an octane rating of 87. It’s a preferred variety of gasoline... Learn more

# 8165

This diesel fuel is used as a low cloud point blending stock for no. 2 diesel. Learn more

# 8120

This low cloud point ultra-low sulfur fuel is a blend stock for no. 2 NR, intended for vehicles that do not... Learn more

# 8125

This ultra-low sulfur fuel is designated as a blending stock for no. 2 heating oil and is efficient at lower temperatures. Learn more

# 8115

This biofuel is compatible as blending stock for no. 2 B2. Learn more

# 8170

This high cetane index fuel powers diesel engines and is classified as a middle distillate fuel. Recommended for vehicles that operate... Learn more

# 8175

This is a high cetane index diesel fuel for off-road applications. Learn more

# 8177

An ultra-low sulfur high BTU content home heating oil. Learn more

# 8135

This biofuel meets the EPA RFS2 requirements for biodiesel in no. 2 diesel. Learn more

# 8201

As a high BTU content residual oil, #6 fuel oil powers waterborne vessels and is one of our many products designated... Learn more

# 4112

This fuel is recommended for kerosene heaters. Learn more

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