We’ve struck ARGold.

Highlighting our hydrotreated bright stock.

Embodying our motto, Refine everything®, we took our existing bright stock, ARGold Legacy (formerly 0847), and created a new hydrotreated version. ARGold is a premium product that provides benefits such as good solvency of additives and excellent film strength for boundary lubrication regimes. ARGold, derived from a light, sweet paraffinic crude, is a 150 SUS bright stock with low sulfur and nitrogen content, and good oxidation stability.

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Learn more about our new hydrotreated bright stock. It really is as good as gold.

Features and benefits.

ARGold is a premier bright stock, manufactured through a combination of severe solvent extraction and hydroprocessing, making it more versatile among a variety of applications. And because of this distinctive hydrotreating process, ARGold yields a unique combination of high viscosity, lighter color, and virtually no odor. This allows for longer application life and the ability to meet ever-changing industry and performance standards.

Lighter color

Improved thermal oxidation stability

Lower sulfur and nitrogen content

Higher load carrying capabilities

No volatile organic compounds (VOC)

Viscosity builder in lubricant formulations

Virtually no odor

A wide range of applications.

American Refining Group’s ARGold hydrotreated bright stock is the quality base oil you need. ARGold is proving itself in the market in applications where product viscosity and appearance remain critical.

Grease manufacturing

Metalworking fluids


Hydraulic oils

Gear oils

Morgan bearing oils

Marine cylinder oils

Data sheets.

Read more about ARGold’s product information and specifications.

Product sheet Safety data sheet

Product inquiries.

The demand for ARGold hydrotreated bright stock is greater than ever. For more information, please submit a product inquiry form and our sales team will be in touch.

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