Kendex® 0834.

Heavy resin

Product details

# 4554


This resin is known by a number of names, including 2600 SUS resin, Penn resin, and heavy resin. With excellent film-forming characteristics and low asphaltines, it is used in high viscosity industrial gear applications and wire rope lubricant formulation. It’s also used frequently in metalworking as a quench oil. Please note that heat may be required to remove the Kendex 0834 resin from its container.


Used as a viscosity builder for metalworking fluids and straight oils; used in quench oils to control quenching rate, and in roofing asphalt formulations

Features & benefits

  • Increases the cooling rate for quench oils
  • Viscosity builder for greases
  • Excellent film strength
  • Excellent ductility characteristics in roofing asphalt formulations

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