ARGuard™ soluble oil with biocide.

Product details

# 7861

Packaging sizes: 55 gal Drum


ARGuard™ soluble oil with biocide is a mineral oil based emulsifying metalworking fluid/coolant that provides excellent lubricity and cooling in a wide variety of machining operations.


ARGuard™ soluble oil with biocide is recommended for stamping, turning, planing, shaping, milling, drilling, boring, cutting, and grinding operations. Recommended for use in machining of ferrous and nonferrous metals requiring an emulsified oil.

Features & benefits

  • Incorporates a potent biocide to prevent bacterial growth that can lead to fluid degradation and odor
  • May be used in a wide variety of machining operations where cooling of the tool and workplace are a primary concern
  • Chlorine-free formula

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