Kendex® OCTG.

Orange corrosion inhibitor & storage compound

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# 4421


A unique, thixotropic, grease-like corrosion inhibitor, Kendex® OCTG was developed and evaluated specifically for long-term rust protection of oil country tubular goods. The highly polar, microscopic platelets are parallel to the metal surface, forming overlapping particle layers that function as a moisture barrier.

Data sheets


Apply Kendex® OCTG to both the pin end and inside of the thread protector.

Features & benefits

  • Rust protection – Prevents pipe thread rusting for more than 5,000 hours of salt fog cabinet testing when applied at a minimum 10 mil thickness, displacing moisture to ensure good bonding and protection
  • Self-healing – Ability to creep at least 1/2 inch after application to protect areas not coated or where the coating was displaced

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