ARGuard™ two stroke engine oil.

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# 7253

Packaging sizes: 12x1 Quart


ARGuard™ two stroke engine oil is a premium ashless multi-purpose 2 stroke engine oil. Its modern ashless detergent additive package provides maximum protection for air and water-cooled 2 stroke engines. ARGuard™ Two Stroke Engine Oil is pre-diluted with carefully selected solvents for ease of mixing with gasoline and may also be used in direct injection engines.


ARGuard™ two stroke engine oil is recommended for two stroke engines in outboard engines, lawnmowers, motor scooters, snowmobiles, chain saws, portable generators, and snow blowers. Meets or exceeds NMMA TC-W3 and JASO-FB. Always consult your owner’s manual for proper fuel/oil ratios.

Features & benefits

  • Field-proven in air and water-cooled engines as well as direct fuel injection (DFI) engines
  • Reduces combustion chamber deposits
  • High detergency additive package helps keep internal engine componentry clean and prevents ring sticking

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