ARGuard™ full synthetic GL-5 gear oil.

Product details

# 7767

Grade: SAE 75W-90

Packaging sizes: Bulk 330 gal Tote 400 lbs 12x1 Quart


ARGuard™ full synthetic GL-5 gear oil 75W-90 is formulated with synthetic base stocks and premium additives to provide improved extreme-pressure protection under high load operation. Excellent fluidity at low temperatures assures faster lubrication of components and easier shifting of transmissions. Prevent corrosion and rusting of transmission and differential components. ARGuard™ full synthetic GL-5 gear oil 75W-90 has an improved thermal stability at high temperatures resulting in less deposit formation and better compatibility with seals. This oil provides the potential for improving fuel economy and extending drain interval.


ARGuard™ full synthetic GL-5 gear oil 75W-90 is recommended for domestic and imported year-round use in heavy duty commercial vehicle axles, non-synchronized manual transmissions, passenger car axles, and transfer cases that require an API GL-5
or MT-1 gear oil.

Features & benefits

  • Exceptional thermal and oxidation stability
  • Excellent seal compatibility
  • Extended drain capabilities with exceptional axle wear protection under the high-temperature conditions demanded by passenger car OEMs for towing and offroad application
  • Outstanding anti-foam protection
  • Made with synthetic base stocks that naturally give high viscosity index and low pour point, it provides extremely broad operating temperature ranges when
    compared with conventional mineral oil based gear lubricants
  • Protection durability as defined by the ASTM L37 test

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