ARGuard™ zinc-free deluxe diesel supreme plus.

LMOA Generation 6

Product details

# 7273

Grade: SAE 20W-40

Packaging sizes: Bulk 330 gal Tote 55 gal Drum

# 7264

Grade: SAE 40

Packaging sizes: Bulk 330 gal Tote 55 gal Drum


ARGuard™ zinc-free deluxe diesel supreme plus is a high performance diesel engine lubricant intended for use in Progress Rail (EMD) and Wabtec (GE) engines in railroad, marine, and power generation applications.

Data sheets


  • LMOA Generation VI
  • Specifically designed for use in medium-speed two-cycle and four-cycle diesel engines such as those typically employed in railroad locomotives and certain marine applications
  • GE Generation 4, Long Life
  • Internal listing with Electro-Motive Diesel (EMD)

Features & benefits

  • Designed to meet the changing needs of today’s railroad diesel engines in light of progressive emission standards and the use of low sulfur and ultra-low sulfur fuels
  • Offer reduced SAPS (sulfated ash, phosphorous, and sulfur)
  • Advanced detergency and dispersancy technology
  • Increased yellow metal and anti-wear protection critical to satisfactory operation and long component life of exhaust after-treatment devices (particulate filters and oxidation catalysts)
  • Superior oxidation control, viscosity retention, shear stability, acid production control, and wear

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