Mike Kozminski promoted to Vice President – Research & Development

BRADFORD, Pa. – American Refining Group Inc. (ARG) announced this week Mike Kozminski’s recent promotion to vice president – research and development.

ARG President and Chief Operating Officer Jon Giberson said, “We are thrilled to announce Mike’s progression to vice president of research and development.

“Mike’s technical expertise regarding the chemistry of our refinery’s products and processes is unparalleled,” Giberson stated. “Further, Mike is the epitome of servant leadership, as everyone’s go-to for assistance with all things chemistry at ARG.”

Kozminski succeeds former VP – R&D David Krantz, who retired in January after a decade of service to ARG.

“We certainly thank David for his contributions to ARG during the last 10 years,” Giberson said.

As ARG’s VP – R&D, Kozminski plans and directs all aspects of R&D policies, objectives and initiatives, demonstrating expertise in the field’s concepts, practices and procedures. To assist leadership in maintaining ARG’s competitive, profitable position, he directs the development of new lubricant formulations and new-process development; plans capital expenditures and maintains expense budgets for the R&D and Quality teams; directs product registrations and licensing; and must be able to lead at all levels and simplify complex concepts.

In planning and executing new research and development proposals, Kozminski must define the project’s purpose and costs as well as equipment and HR requirements. The newest member of ARG’s leadership team, some additional key responsibilities include strategic vision communications, tactical planning and execution, consulting, executive-level problem solving and incident investigation.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Mike a number of times during our careers,” Giberson recalled. “In fact, on the very first call I ever made as a salesman, Mike and I were together. His incredible knowledge of petrochemicals and how they perform in various applications was critical to our closing that first sale.”

Kozminski re-joined ARG June 1, 2007, as manager of R&D. Giberson said he was especially instrumental to the Kensol® drilling-mud project in 2011 and more recently the bright stock hydrotreating efforts, both of which resulted in sales of a new product. Kozminski earned promotion to director of R&D on Aug. 3, 2014. Having worked previously at the Bradford refinery, he has picked up nearly 30 years of industry experience.

Kozminski has co-/authored several technical papers published in peer-reviewed journals. He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry. He and his wife Dawn reside in Lewis Run. The couple are active in Bradford’s Catholic community; Mike serves as a lector and is a member of St. Francis of Assisi’s finance committee.

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