ARGuard™ medium quench 100.

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# 4672

Packaging sizes: Bulk 330 gal Tote 400 lbs


ARGuard™ Medium Quench 100 is formulated for heat treatment of ferrous metals in a wide variety of quenching operations. Its balanced formula provides deep and uniform hardening with minimum distortion and cracking for smooth surface finish. ARGuard™ Medium Quench 100 provides for a controlled initial cooling rate to induce maximum hardness.


ARGuard™ Medium Quench 100 is recommended for controlled hardening of ferrous metals, where a moderately fast quench is required. It facilitates collapse of the vapor layer during the first phase of the quench process, thereby enabling transition to the critical nucleate boiling stage at a moderate speed. Its excellent wetting characteristics make it a good choice for odd shapes or variable part sizes.

Features & benefits

  • Optimized formulation based on paraffinic base oils and unique hydrocarbon resins
  • Effectively promotes the hardening of steel and facilitates wetting of the part surface
  • Controls the development of harmful thermal gradients which helps to decrease the likelihood of distortion and cracking of the steel

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