ARGuard™ multi-purpose LS GL-5 gear oil.

Product details

# 7731

Grade: SAE 80W-90

Packaging sizes: Bulk 330 gal Tote 400 lbs


ARGuard™ multi-purpose LS GL-5 gear oil is a high performance, multi-grade, extreme-pressure, multi-purpose gear lubricant specially formulated to satisfy the needs of most limited slip rear axles. It is friction modified to help eliminate the stick-slip chatter associated with low speed, high torque operation of limited slip differentials.

ARGuard™ multi-purpose LS GL-5 gear oil is formulated with quality base oils and carefully selected additives which provide excellent anti-wear protection under heavy loads.


ARGuard™ multi-purpose LS GL-5 gear oil can be used in heavy duty and conventional limited slip differentials in heavy duty and light duty trucks as well as passenger cars.

Features & benefits

  • Maximum protection against scuffing and wear
  • Excellent load carrying capacity
  • Outstanding rust and corrosion protection

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