ARGuard™ wireline.

Product details

# 7747

Grade: ISO 680

Packaging sizes: 330 gal Tote

# 7748

Grade: ISO 1500

Packaging sizes: 330 gal Tote

# 7749

Grade: ISO 2500

Packaging sizes: 330 gal Tote


ARGuard™ wireline is a high-quality, tacky, viscous lubricant specifically formulated for lubrication and sealing of braided wirelines and cables used in oil and gas wells. ARGuard™ wireline is applied in once-through operation. It is designed to maintain a seal around the moving wireline in high pressure environments and safeguard against corrosive (H2S) gas. ARGuard™ wireline’s enhanced low temperature fluidity prevents wireline seizure and breakage in cold weather.

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ARGuard™ wireline is recommended as a lubricant/sealant for braided wirelines, cables and slicklines used in down-hole operations including oil and gas wells, cased-hole logging, pipe recovery and reservoir analysis.

Note: This product is not designed for and should not be used in wire rope applications

Features & benefits

  • Excellent sealing capabilities
  • Superior corrosion protection
  • Tacky texture prevents sling off, splatter and drip

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